Born 1974 in Munich

Diploma in product design
at the HFG Schwäbisch Gmünd
in 2004

From September 2002 until April 2018
member of the KGID
designteam in Munich

Since May 2018 Co-founder of
Office Heinzelmann Ayadi (OHA)

Fine selection of projects:

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Wooden Side Table
Gallery Filser & Graef, 2010

Photo: Anja Prestel

Wall Lamp
Formagenda, 2016

Wine Shelf
walter & sohn Weinhandlung GmbH, 2016

A 3D Printed Rig for DSLR Cameras, 2014
Team: Daniel Samer - Jan Heinzelmann - Sami Ayadi
A Tavola
private commision, 2010
Photo: Anja Prestel
Crossroad Traffic
Aluminium Low Chair
Gallery Filser & Graef 2013

Tasting Table
walter & sohn Weinhandlung GmbH, 2010
Photo: Anja Prestel

Labsal_handle & drawer insert
Holzrausch, 2012
Team: Jan Heinzelmann - Sami Ayadi

Photo: Mierswa & Kluska

Ziggy Stardust_Square
Ceramic Ashtray
Formagenda, 2017

Ziggy Stardust_Round
Ceramic Ashtray
Formagenda, 2017


Sami Ayadi
Nimrodstrasse 53
82110 Germering
Tel.: +49 176 21695196